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*Horatio may just have taken extra care for his appearance today, hair carefully combed and clothes neat (no holes in his jeans, and no logos on or holes in his shirt)--and right now he'll just be waiting on a bench outside the ice cream shop, trying not to look anxious even if this is his first real nearly-a-date--*
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*Horatio has been helping his fellow tragedians to scope out a potential new member--and generally being Horatio, checking Facebook to find out where this new fellow lives, helping them to set up the ladder to his window in the dead of night, getting everyone appropriately tricked out all in black, bringing the screwdriver to pop out the screen--*
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*Horatio didn't meet Hamlet nine years ago--instead, he hung around with a group of actors, until he became part of their world. all the while, though, his friends Rosencrantz and Guildenstern tried (or tried not) to understand.

now, Horatio is lying on his back on a public bench, a book of Marlowe plays held up to be read--he's not expecting to be bothered, but there's no sense that he'd mind--*
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I tried to call him. I just kept trying to call him, but he never answered. No one answered. It's been so long since he's spoken with me properly, for more than just a few seconds after class; he doesn't come to see me any longer. I'm so afraid ... I think he hates me.

I thought I could make it all right. I would give up everything for him; he knows I would. I should have.

I love him. I wish I could make it right.
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I just found out from my American friends online that they apparently just had a National Coming Out Day for people who haven't yet to reveal their sexualities, and for people who have come out to be visibly out. It's nice that America really tries to make it safe for people to be open about who they are--it's nice that more and more people are feeling safe about being open.

For all of the difficulties we face, with other people and with each other, one of my greatest blessings is that I have Hamlet in my life. And I could never imagine being less than open about that.

So, since I missed the American day, I'll just declare this Danish National Coming Out Day--whether you're gay, straight, bi, asexual, uncertain, transgendered, or something else, please post in comments, and celebrate who you are.

Hi. I'm Horatio, and I'm bisexual. ^________^
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Wow, all I ever do on this journal anymore is memes. That's kind of sad. Maybe I should, haha, get a life.

But, no, doing memes. )

Maybe next time, I'll actually have something interesting to tell you!
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Guess I haven't updated in a long time! Part of it was being gone to spend time with my brother, I guess, but I didn't really update before that, either. So, update! I've had a lot of homework and been very busy with labs and work and Hamlet, and maybe I should have more to say than that, but it's all been nice so far. I'm writing a bunch of fun programs, and pretty soon we're going to have the big Liquid Mechanics project at the river. There will be boats! I don't see Rosencrantz around much these days, but I wish I did.

I don't see much of anyone these days--thanks for spending time with me, everyone who has.

I don't know what else to say, really, so have a meme!

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*a crumpled page in Horatio's wastebasket*

I trust him but sometimes he with my life. Sometimes it's hard to I love him even when that look in his eyes makes me afra

When we were younger, when I first came to Elsinore, I wanted to play superheroes with him all the time, but then one day he threw his shoe at me and said that he wasn't going to play anymore if I always insisted on being the sidekick. And I always did, so we never played it anymore.

That's why I love him. He will never stop until he He's determined to make things right for the people he loves, even when they hurt him. I probably hurt him more than I know

I want to keep him safe

*the rest has been scribbled out so heavily that it is illegible*
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Distracting myself from studying for that physics test with a meme.

Ten facts--although honestly it's a lot more, I don't know why they call it that )
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Today was very confusing. I lost Hamlet and he took his car, so I had to take the bus all over the city to look for him. A woman hit on me on the bus, and she was older than my mum and probably weighed twice as much. She kept trying to sit on my lap, but I was afraid she was going to crush me so I didn't play along at all. I eventually had to get off the bus at the park stop to escape her, and then I lost more time because I know Hamlet doesn't hang out in the park. If he wanted to take a walk he'd have gone to the cemetery. But he wasn't there, either.

I did find him eventually, though. He was at the coffee shop where Guildenstern works, and he thought that Rosencrantz was me--or maybe Rosencrantz thought he was me and Hamlet played along--and I love them both so very much but I don't always know how to talk to them whe

I sort of wish I was more like Guildenstern. He knows how to keep his emotions from running away with him when the people he loves get themselves into trouble, and he is always logical. Then again, I sort of wish I was more like Hamlet because he can make people think he's anything he wants them to think he is.

He's over here right now, actually, and I don't want to lose him again, so I should probably stop angsting and go spend time with him. =)


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